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of the Five Towns

The culmination of ten years of research  and design is finally available!

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"The world of American Jewish history has recently been enriched with the publication of a new history of one of America's storied Jewish suburban communities, The Five Towns on New York's Soth Shore of Long Island. Entitled, "Flowers in the Desert" by Rabbi Mordechai Kamenetzky, whose father Rabbi Binyamin Kamenetzky, of blessed memory this volume was dedicated to, details the roles played by leading rabbis, and,communal leaders,  whose careers lead them to this iconic community and to the newly founded synagogues and educational institutions, that their founders and leaders that gave this community such a leading role in contemporary Orthodox American Judaism.

This work is perhaps one of the most definitive works both in pictorial graphics and detailed text that any Jewish community in America has enjoyed in a very long time. Given the talent displayed within this work, this book should enjoy a wide readership and surely inspire others to emulate both its style and content in the field of Jewish history for many other communities on the American continent."

-Alan Jay Gerber
The Kosher Bookworm