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Flowers in the desert

The Early History and Growth of Orthodox Judaism in the Five Towns 

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  • What Girl's Yeshiva was on Pine Street in Woodmere in the Early 1960s?
  • One of the most prominent European Roshei Yeshiva travelled to New York to hand deliver a semicha to which Young Israel rabbi?
  • Which Five Towns Rav did Jackie Mason tutor?
  • Which shul that now has close to 1000 members bought its present property location for $1.00?
  • How was Rav Ahron Kotler instrumental in the founding of Young Israel of Lawrence Cedarhurst?
  • Which Young Israel Rabbi originally served as a dayan in Vienna, Austria?
  • Which  Five Towns Rabbi Served as a Chaplain in the Canadian Airforce during World War II
  • Who was the first Rabbi to teach Torah to an entire train car of the Long Island Railroad?
  • Why did London's, Dayan Abramski call Rabbi Lebor's father on Shabbos?
  • ​What was the reaction to the first Shtreimel in the Five Towns?